Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogging Begins

Now here's a surprise: my first entry is about, what? powered paragliding?
As if I don't write enough stuff on and elsewhere, now here's this. Not that I expect anything to go here frequently but it's an interesting forum in how it's automatically connected to other sites.
Powered paragliding is consuming me but in a different way. Although I'm still flying a lot, my focus is more on this video project, Master Powered Paragliding. It's what I wish I had after learning the basics of launch, flying and landing. Thankfully I had pilots like Eric Dufour to reset my "what's possible" level. But still it would be nice to have that stuff broken down into more digestible chunks which is exactly what Master PPG sets out to do.
A big chunk of life has gone into learning 3d animation but oh how worth it that is. After 300 hours of clawing my way up the very steep learning curve, I'm now able to produce useful animations in a day. I'm just now starting to put it all together on a Premier CS4 editor timeline. I'll try not to let this sort of writing distract me too much.
That's all for now, keep the open cells forward!

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